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Seminars in Moral Philosophy

These seminars take place every week in term time throughout the year, on CEPL Logo
Mondays from 4.30 to 6.30 in the Lecture Room at the Philosophy Centre, Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG.

All philosophers are welcome to attend, and also to join the speaker for drinks after the talk, and later for dinner.

Hilary Term 2015

Jan 19 Dr Helen Frowe (Stockholm) 'Are We Required to Turn the Trolley?' [Abstract]
Jan 26 Prof Brad Hooker (Reading) 'De Lazari-Radek and Singer on Evolutionary Debunking Arguments and the Role of Moral Rules' [Abstract]
Feb 2 No talk 
Feb 9 Mr Derek Parfit (Oxford) 'Can We Avoid the Repugnant Conclusion?'
Feb 16 Ass. Prof. Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 'Priority or Equality for Possible People?' [Abstract]
Feb 23 Ass. Prof. Kim Brownlee (Warwick) 'Social Contribution Injustice' [Abstract]
Mar 2 Prof. Victor Tadros (Warwick) 'Permissibility in a World of Wrongdoing' [Abstract]
Mar 9 Dr Jeremy Williams (Birmingham) 'Public Reason and Personal Identity'

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Past Seminars (including photos)

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