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Dr Gabriel Uzquiano

CUF Lecturer in Philosophy
Tutorial Fellow, Pembroke College

Pembroke College
Oxford, OX1 1DW

Research Interests

Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Logic and Language, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics

Career & Education

2006- CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, Oxford
2006- Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Pembroke College, Oxford
2005-2006 Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
1999-2005 Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
1993-1999 PhD in Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Gabriel Uzquiano


    • "Plural Quantification and Modality" forthcoming in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society
    •  "The Interaction of Classical Extensional Mereology and Modality" forthcoming in Kleinschmidt, S. (ed.) Mereology, Topology and Location, Oxford University Press. [Draft]

    • "How Many Angels Can Dance on the Point of a Needle? Trascendental Theology Meets Modal Metaphysics" (with John Hawthorne) Mind,120 (477): 53-81. [Journal Link]

    • "Before-Effect without Zeno-Causality" forthcoming in Noûs. [Journal Link]

    • "How to Solve the Hardest Puzzle Ever in Two Questions" Analysis. Vol. 70, January 2010, 39-44. [Journal Link]

    • "Mereological Harmony" forthcoming in D. Zimmerman and K. Bennett (eds.) Oxford Studies in Metaphysics. Vol. 6. Oxford University Press. [Penultimate version]

    • "Ineffability within the Limits of Abstraction Alone" (with Stewart Shapiro) forthcoming in Ebert and Rossberg (eds.), Abstractionism in Mathematics - Status Belli.

    • "Quantification without a Domain" O. Bueno and Ø. Linnebo (eds.) New Waves in the Philosophy of Mathematics. Palgrave, 300-323.

    • "Which Abstraction Principles Are Acceptable? Some Limitative Results" (with Ø. Linnebo) The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 60: 2, June 2009, 239-252. [Journal Link]

    • "Bad Company Generalized" (Special volume on the Bad Company objection) Synthese, Vol. 170, October 2009, 331-347 [Journal Link]

    • "Frege Meets Zermelo: A Perspective on Ineffability and Reflection" (with Stewart Shapiro) The Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 1:2, August 2008, 241-66. [Journal link]

    • "Receptacles" Philosophical Perspectives. Vol 20, December 2006, 427-451. [Journal link] [Postprint] [Errata: p. 430: Domain View: A region of space is a receptacle if and only if its non-null interior is included in its closure. p. 434: Uniqueness of Composition] 

    • "Unrestricted Unrestricted Quantification: The Cardinal Problem of Absolute Generality" In A. Rayo and G. Uzquiano (eds.) Absolute Generality. Oxford: Oxford University Press. November 2006, 305-332.

    • "The Price of Universality" Philosophical Studies. Vol. 129, May 2006, 137-169. [Journal link]

    • "Semantic Nominalism" Dialectica (Special Volume on the Julius Caesar Problem), Vol. 59:2, June 2005, 265-282. [Journal link]

    • "Well- and Non-Well-Founded Fregean Extensions" (with Ignacio Jané) The Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 33:5, October 2004, 437-465 [Journal link] Reprinted in Cook, R. (ed.) (2008) The Arche Papers on the Mathematics of Abstraction. Springer. 

    • "Plurals and Simples" The Monist, Vol. 87:3, July 2004, 429-451.

    • "An Infinitary Paradox of Denotation" Analysis, Vol. 64:2, April 2004, 128-131. [Journal link

    • "The Paradox of the Knower without Epistemic Closure?" Mind, Vol.113:449, January 2004, 95-107. [Journal link]

    • "The Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Justices: A Metaphysical Puzzle'' Noûs, Vol. 38:1, March 2004, 135-153. [Journal link]

    • "Plural Quantification and Classes" Philosophia Mathematica, (3) Vol.11:1, February 2003, 67-81. [Journal link]

    • "Categoricity Theorems and Conceptions of Set". The Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 31:2, April 2002, 181-196. [Journal link]

    • "Towards a Theory of Second-Order Consequence" (with A. Rayo). The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Vol. 40:3, Summer 1999, 315-324. [Journal link]

    • "Models of Second-Order Zermelo Set Theory" The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 5:3, September 1999, 289-302. [Journal link]


                                            Work in Progress

                                            • "Quantification"
                                            • "Truth and Logic"

                                            Edited Volume

                                            • "Absolute Generality" (with Agustin Rayo) Oxford: Oxford University Press. November 2006. Introduction. [OUP link
                                            • Reviewed by Graham Priest for the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
                                            • Reviewed by Patrick Dieveny for Mind.
                                            • Reviewed by Peter Smith for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.

                                            Research Project

                                            Three-year joint research project with Volker Halbach funded by the AHRC.

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