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Dr Anna Marmodoro

Official Fellow in Philosophy
Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College
Oxford OX1 4JF
United Kingdom

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Research Interests

  • Metaphysics and the history of metaphysics
  • Classical, late antiquity and medieval philosophy
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Philosophy of religion

Anna Marmodoro

Downloadable CV (PDF)

Previous positions

British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow in the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy, and Junior Research Fellow in Corpus Christi College (2008-2011).

Departmental Lecturer in the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy, and in Corpus Christi College (2007-2008).


Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh (2006).

Laurea in Philosophy, Summa cum Laude, from the University of Pisa, Italy (2000).


    The Metaphysics of Relations       Causation and Creation       Aristotle on Perceiving Objects


    The Author's Voice      Metaphysics of Incarnation       Metaphysics of Powers




    1. Everything in Everything. An essay on Anaxagora's metaphysics (monograph, under contract with OUP).

    2. Aristotle on Perceiving Objects, OUP, 2014 (monograph; reviewed in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, the Journal of the History of Philosophy, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy [Reply to OSAP review], the TLS and Bryn Mawr Classical Review BMCR.)

    Edited Books 

    1. Divine Powers in Late Antiquity, OUP, 2017 (co-edited with Eirini-Foteini Viltanioti).

    2. The Metaphysics of Relations, OUP, 2016 (co-edited with David Yates).

    3. Causation and Creation in Late Antiquity, CUP, 2015 (co-edited with Brian Prince).

    4. The Author's Voice in Classical and Late Antiquity, OUP, 2013 (co-edited with Jonathan Hill; reviewed in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review and the Classical Review).
    5. The Metaphysics of the Incarnation, OUP, 2011 (co-edited with Jonathan Hill; reviewed in the Philosophical Quarterly, Sophia, and Religious Studies).
    6. The Metaphysics of Powers: Their Grounding and Their Manifestations, Routledge, 2010 (edited volume; paperback edition 2013; reviewed in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews and Philosophy in Review).

    Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

      Ancient Philosophy

    1. 'Potentiality in Aristotle's Metaphysics', forthcoming in K. Engelhard and M. Quante (eds.) The Handbook of Potentiality, Springer, 2016.

    2. 'Anaxagoras' Qualitative Gunk', The British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 402-422, 2015.

    3. 'Gregory of Nyssa On the Creation of the World', in A. Marmodoro and B. Prince (eds.) Causation and Creation in Late Antiquity, CUP, pp. 94-111, 2015.

    4. 'Causation without glue: Aristotle on causal powers', in C. Natali, C. Viano and M. Zingano (eds.), Aitia. Les Quatre Causes d'Aristote. Origins et interprétations. Peeters, Louvain, pp. 221-246, 2014.

    5. 'Aristotle's hylomorphism without reconditioning', Philosophical Inquiry, Volume 37, Issue 1/2, pp. 5-22, 2013.

    6. 'Moral Character versus Situations: an Aristotelian contribution to the debate', The Journal of Ancient Philosophy, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 1-24, 2011.

    7. 'Aristotle on Complex Perceptual Content. The Metaphysics of the Common Sense', Philosophical Inquiry, Volume 34, Issue 1-2, pp. 15-65, 2011.

    8. Is Being One Only One?' – The Argument for the Uniqueness of Platonic Forms’ . Apeiron vol. XLI 4, pp. 211-227, 2008

    9. The Union of Cause and Effect in Aristotle: Physics III 3’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 32, pp. 205-232, 2007
    10. Contemporary Metaphysics

    11. 'Aristotelian powers at work: reciprocity without symmetry in causation', forthcoming in J. Jacobs (ed.) Causal Powers, OUP, 2016.

    12. 'Dispositional Modality vis-à-vis conditional necessity', Philosophical Investigations, 1467-9205, 2015.

    13. Do powers need powers to make them powerful? ’ From Pandispositionalism to Aristotle,” History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 337-352, 2009.

    14. Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

    15. It’s a Colorful World’, American Philosophical Quarterly, 43:1, pp. 71-80, 2006.

    16. 'Does the inherence heuristic take us to psychological essentialism?' (co-authored with R.A. Murphy and A.G. Baker) Behavioural and Brain Sciences, vol. 37, issue 05, pp. 494-495, 2014. 

    17. Medieval Philosophy

    18. 'Aquinas on Forms. Substances and Artifacts', (co-authored with B. Page) Vivarium, 54:1, pp. 1-21, 2016.

    19. Metaphysica V 7: diverse soluzioni esegetiche a confronto’, Documenti e Studi sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale (including a critical edition and accompanying essay), vol. XII, pp. 1-61, 2001. [English Abstract]

    20. ‘La nozione aristotelica di per se: una nuova proposta interpretativa’, Documenti e Studi sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale , vol. XI, pp. 1-35, 2000. [English Abstract

    21. Philosophy of Religion

    22. ‘The metaphysics of the Extended Mind in ontological entanglements’, in Marmodoro and Hill (eds. Marmodoro and Hill) The Metaphysics of the Incarnation, OUP, pp. 206-228, 2011.

    23. 'Peter Abelard's metaphysics of the incarnation', Philosophy and Theology, Vol. 22, pp. 27-48, 2011, co-authored with J Hill.  

    24. ‘Composition models of the incarnation: unity and unifying relations’, Religious Studies, Vol. 46, issue 04, December 2010, pp. 469-488, co-authored with J Hill. 

    25. 'Modeling the Metaphysics of the Incarnation', Philosophy and Theology, Vol. 20, pp. 99-128, 2008, co-authored with J Hill.  


    Special issues of peer reviewed international journals of which I am guest editor

    1. Mental Powers in Early Modern Philosophy. Special issue of the journal British Journal for the History of Philosophy, with Federico Boccaccini, forthcoming in 2016.  
    2. The Metaphysics of Quantum MechanicsSpecial issue of the journal TOPOI International Review of Philosophy, 34:2, 2015.

    3. Causing Health and Disease: Medical Powers in classical and late antiquity. Special issue of the journal British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 22 (5): pp. 861-866, 2015.

    4. Aristotelian and contemporary perspectives on the mind. Special issue of the journal Res Philosophica (previously: The Modern Schoolman), 91.2, 2014.

    5. The Powers of the Mind: contemporary problems, ancient answers. Special issue of the journal TOPOI International Review of Philosophy, 31.2, 2012.

    Invited Book Reviews

    1. Review of C. Viano and C. Natali (eds.), AITIA II. Avec ou sans Aristotle, in Philosophie Antique, 2016.

    2. Review of T J Johansen, The Powers of Aristotle's Soul, OUP 2012, in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy Volume 22, Issue 1, 2014.

    3. Review of S Mumford, R L Anjum, Getting Causes from Powers, in Metascience Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 545-559, 2013.
    4. Review of R Pasnau, Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671 OUP 2011, in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Volume 91, Issue 2, 2013.

    5. Review of Fronterotta, F. (ed.) La scienza e le cause a partire dalla Metafisica di Aristotle, in Classical Review 62.2, 2012.
    6. Review of L'Essere del Pensiero. Saggi sulla filosofia di Plotino, Daniela Taormina, Dominic O’Meara and C. Riedweg (eds.), in International Journal of the Platonic Tradition, 5:2, 2011.
    7. Review of J Beere’s Doing and Being OUP 2009, Mind, Volume 119, Issue 476, 2010. See also ‘Rubber Bands’ in the Times Literary Supplement August 2010.
    8. Review of P Gregoric’s Aristotle on the Common Sense OUP 2007, in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Volume 83, Issue 1, 2011
    9. Review of MM Sassi’s Memories as Traces in the Mind from Plato to the Contemporaries, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2008
    10. Review of M Bonelli’s Alexander of Aphrodisias’ Conception of Metaphysics as a Demonstrative Science, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2003

    Encyclopaedia entries

    1. `Greek and Roman Metaphysics' in Oxford Bibliographies, 2016.

    2. 'La metafisica dell'incarnazione' in APhEx, Portale italiano di filosofia analitica, No 10 giugno 2014 

    3. ‘Aristotle. Psychology’ in the Encyclopaedia of Ancient History, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

    Research Projects

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