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Prof John Hawthorne

Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy
Magdalen College

Magdalen College
Oxford, OX1 4AU
United Kingdom

Research Interests

Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Early Modern Philosophy

John Hawthorne

Career & Education

B.A. University of Manchester 1985

PhD. Syracuse University , 1991

Previously held position at University of New South Wales, Australian National University, Arizona State University, Syracuse University and Rutgers University


  1. Metaphysical Essays , Oxford University Press 2006.

  2. Knowledge and Lotteries , Oxford University Press 2004.

Work in Progress

  1. Craziness and Metasemantics. Draft. Forthcoming The Philosophical Review

  2. The Many Minds Approach to Vagueness. Draft. (with Andrew McGonigal)

  3. Context-Dependency and Comparative Adjectives. Draft.

  4. Locations and Binding. Forthcoming in Analysis Draft. (with Herman Cappelen)

  5. Three Dimensionalism vs Four Dimensionalism Draft. (forthcoming, Blackwell Companion to Metaphysics.)

  6. Knowledge and Objective Chance. Draft. Forthcoming, Williamson on Knowledge. (With Maria Lasonen-Aarnio.)

  7. Cartesian Dualism. Forthcoming. Persons: Human and Divine. Van Inwagen and Zimmerman eds.

  8. Externalism and A Priority. Draft. Forthcoming, Internalism and Externalism in Semantics and Epistemology, Goldberg, ed.

  9. Superficialism in Ontology. draft, forthcoming Chalmers, Manley and Wasserman eds., Metametaphysics

  10. Eavesdropper and Epistemic Modals. Draft.

  11. Religious knowledge. Draft (written for undergraduates)

  12. Knowledge and Action (with Jason Stanley). Forthcoming, Journal of Philosophy

  13. Assertion, Context, and Epistemic Accessibility (with Ofra Magidor)

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