Philosophy of Mind Work in Progress Seminar

This seminar provides a forum for faculty members (at Oxford or visiting) and graduate students (at Oxford) to discuss their current work in progress in philosophy of mind. Work to be discussed is linked from this site in advance, typically a week before the seminar.

The seminars are on Fridays from 1.30-3.00 pm and will be held in St Anne's College (see rooms listed below, ask for directions and door code at lodge).

All are welcome. Any questions email Ian Phillips or Sam Clarke 

Trinity Term 2017

Week 2: Session with Alex Kaiserman, Oxford (to be held in SR5 in St Anne’s College)

Week 4: Alisa Mandrigin, Edinburgh (to be held in SR 3 in St Anne’s College)

Week 6: Anne Jacobson, Oxford (to be held in SR5 in St Anne’s College) 'Norms and Neuroscience: the case of Borderline Personality Disorder'

Week 8: Anna Marmodoro, George Darby & Robin Murphy (to be held in SR5 in St Anne’s College)

Previous Terms

Week 3: Denis Buehler (Oxford) 'Occurrent Agential Control'
** not week 2 as previously advertised **

Week 4: Lucy Campbell (Oxford) 'Self-Knowledge and the Alt-Ground Test'

Week 6: Nick Shea (Institute of Philosophy)

Week 8: Derek Brown (Brandon, soon to be at Glasgow)

Week 2: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper (Oxford), 'What is the Phenomenal Unity of Consciousness?'

Week 4: Anya Farennikova (Bristol), 'Seeing Absence' (Anya will present a paper so there is no need to read ahead, though anyone wishing to might look at her paper on 'Seeing Absence' inPhil Studies 166:3 (2013))

Week 6: Myrto Mylopoulos (Jean Nicod), 'Intentions and Agentive Awareness'

Week 1: Amit Saad, 'Achilles Last Stand- a solution to the Kripkenstein Paradox' (Commentator: Anil Gomes)

Week 3: Alex Moran, 'Naïve Realism, The Time-Lag Argument, and Eternalism' (Commentator: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper)

Week 5: Helen De Cruz, 'Are philosophical intuitions a natural kind? (Commentator: Joshua Shepherd) [Please note venue change - Ryle Room this week]

Week 7: Istvan Aranyosi, 'Explanatory-role functionalism' (Commentator: Bill Child)

Week 3: Alex Kaiserman, Interventions and Mental Surgery (Commentator: Joshua Shepherd)

Week 5: Paul Lodge, Leibniz’s Mill Argument Against Mechanical Materialism Revisited(Commentator: Martin Pickup)

Week 7: Jonathan Erhardt, Gods, Minds, and Other Physical Things (Commentator: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper)

Week 3: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper, Temporal Presence and Time Lags (Commentator: Ian Phillips)

Week 5: Joshua Shepherd, Consciousness, Control, and Zombie Action (Commentator: Alex Moran)

Week 7: Peter Forrest, Cognitive Phenomenology and the Fringe (Commentator: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper)

Week 3: Lee Walters, The invalidity of the argument from illusion

Week 5: Scott Sturgeon, Epistemic Attitudes

Week 7: Declan Smithies, Belief and Moore's Paradox

Week 3: Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper, Individuating experiences and the unity of consciousness

Week 5: Michael Sollberger, Conscious Experience and Delusions of Inserted Thoughts(WebLearn Only)

Week 7: Jeremy Goodman, Perceptual Experience: Back to Basics

Week 2: 27th January - Cressida Gaukroger (Oxford) 'How to Individuate Concepts' in Seminar Room 1

Week 4: 10th February - Tom McClelland (Warwick) 'The Mental Affordance Hypothesis' in Seminar Room 1

Week 6: 24th February - Sophie Archer (Oxford) in Seminar Room 1

Week 8: 10th March - John Michael (Warwick) in Seminar Room 6 *this is in a different building to the usual seminar room*

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