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Academic Visitors

Academic Visitors 2013-14

Trinity Term 2014




Asst. Prof. István Aranyosi

Bilkent University, Turkey

April 2014 August 2014

Dr Romana Bassi

Università degli studi di Padova

Trinity Term 2014

Professor Paul Bloomfield

University of Connecticut, San Diego

May 2014 June 2014

Professor David Brink

University of California, San Diego

April 2014 June 2014

Professor Ding Chengji

An Hui University

August 2014 August 2015

Dr Julien Dutant
(Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher)

University of Geneva, Switzerland

August 2013 July 2014

Professor Corey Dyck

University of Western Ontario 

September 2013 - August 2014

Professor Gerhard Jäger

Institut für Informatik und angewantde Mathematik, Universität Bern

April 2014

Dr Markku Keinänen

University of Turku, Finland

Michaelmas 2013 Trinity 2014

Assistant Professor Li Jian

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

October 2013 September 2014

Dr David Lobina
(Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher)

Beatriu de Pinós Postdoctoral Fellowship

March 2013 March 2015

Professor Mi Wei

Shangdong University, China

March 2014 August 2014

Professor Hans Oberdiek

Swarthmore College, USA

February 2014 May 2014

Professor Qiaojian Chen

East China Normal University

June 2014  May 2015

Dr Amit Saad
(Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher)

Haifa University, Israel

September 2013 August 2014

Professor Marina Sbisa

University of Trieste, Italy

May 2014 July 2014

Professor He Weiping

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

July 2014

Professor Yi Xiao-ming

Jishou University, China

January December 2014

Professor Zhang Dian

Suzhou College of Science & Technology, China

October 2013 September 2014

Professor Zhang Lifeng

Jiangsu Police University, China

July 2013 June 2014

Professor Zhi Yu

Southwest Jiaotong University, China

November 2013 October 2014

Dr Zhou Xiao-Fei

The Research Centre of Chinese Medicine Culture

April 2014 March 2015

Professor Zhu Xu

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

June 2014 - April 2015


Academic Visitors to Research Projects

A number of our research centres and projects also have Academic Visitors working with them. Details of these visitors can be found by following the links below.

Research Centres:

Uehiro Centre
Oxford Centre for Neuroethics
Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology

Research Projects:

Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies
Science and Religious Conflict
New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology  


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