Theoretical Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

This seminar provides a forum for faculty members (at Oxford or visiting) and occasionally graduate students to get friendly and supportive feedback on their current work in progress in ‘theoretical’ philosophy, broadly construed. It also aims to bring together philosophers working in these areas. Those presenting a paper in a term are expected to attend the other meetings of that term. Attendance is always open to all interested faculty and graduate students. As meetings are over lunchtime, please do feel free to bring something to eat.

Time: Fridays 1pm-3pm, weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8
Location: 6 New College Lane, New College (college location and college map)
Convenor: Martin Pickup

Hilary 2017

Week 2 - Daniel Morgan (Barcelona), 'Action, Luck and the De Se' (abstract)

Week 4 - Stephen Wright, 'Memory and Moral Understanding'

Week 6 - Johanna Schnurr, 'Epistemic Consequentialism: Axiological vs. Deontic'

Week 8 - Janine Guhler, 'Ontological commitments to mathematical objects in Plato, Aristotle and Frege'


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