Ancient Philosophy Workshop

Thursdays, 16.30-18.00
Ryle Room, First Floor, Radcliffe Humanities building, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG

This workshop offers an opportunity to discuss work in progress by speakers from within and outside Oxford. Members of the Faculty, students, and visitors welcome. For details please contact the convenors, Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Somerville), Ursula Coope (Corpus) or Luca Castagnoli (Oriel). If you would like to join the speaker for dinner after the talk, please email the chair by midday on the preceding Tuesday. 

Hilary Term 2018


Week 1 (18 January) Bradford Kim (St Cross College) Chair: Karen Margrethe Nielsen "Aristotle on Loving Other Selves" (Abstract)

Week 2 (25 January) Ursula Coope (Keble College) Chair: Simon Shogry "Free to think?" (Abstract)


Week 4 (08 February) Phillip Horky (Durham) Chair: Luca Castagnoli "Xenophanes of Colophon on Truth and Predication" (Abstract)

Week 5 (15 February) Ana-Laura Edelhof (Hamburg) Chair: Michail Peramatzis "Aristotle on Ontological Priority in the Categories" (Abstract)

Week 6 (22 February) Tamer Nawar (Gröningen) Chair: Guus Eelink "Revisting the Arguments between Socrates and thrasymachus in Republic I" (Abstract)

Week 7 (01 March) Francesca Masi (Venezia) Chair: Ursula Coope "The distinction between chance and luck: Aristotle Physics II 6" (Abstract) 

Week 8 (08 March) Ackrill Lecture (Brasenose College) M. M. McCabe (KCL) Chair: Simon Shogry "Glaucon, Gyges and the Good" 


Persons interested in the Workshop in Ancient Philosophy may also be interested in the 2018 Carlyle Lectures. These events take place on Tuesdays at 17.00 in Examination Schools, and are given by Prof Melissa Lane (Princeton). 

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