Futuremakers podcast


The second series of the Futuremakers podcast launched on Sunday 6 October. This series will feature ten debates with leading climate academics and a number of special guests, including Caroline Lucas MP and Johan Rockström, as well as several bonus episodes, with guests including the Governor of the Bank of England.

The first episode, available to listen to now, is all about the recent ‘12 years’ IPCC report, and whether its findings have been misunderstood.

The links to use are:

Apple: http://po.st/Futuremakers

AudioBoom: http://po.st/Futuremakers

Google: http://po.st/Futuremakers_GO

Spotify: http://po.st/Futuremakers_SP

RadioPublic: http://po.st/Futuremakers_Radio


Series 1 of the podcast is about Artificial Intelligence and more information can be found here: https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/futuremakers and here: https://www.research.ox.ac.uk/Article/2018-10-22-the-futuremakers-podcast