In Memoriam: Daniel Robinson (1937-2018)

Dan Robinson

The Faculty was sad to learn of the death of Dan Robinson, a Philosophy Faculty Fellow, and Adjunct Fellow at Linacre College. In philosophy, he produced significant work across several fields: most notably philosophy of psychology (in which he received honours from the American Psychological Association), philosophy of law, and philosophy of mind. Visiting Oxford for a term every year, Dan delivered many lectures for the Philosophy faculty: most often on Kant for the undergraduate students, sometimes on Reid and Hume, and on the philosophy of psychology. Whatever the topic of his lectures in any year, students were guaranteed a charming wit and lively, lucid presentation. Dan was a generous and esteemed colleague, whose visits to Oxford were eagerly anticipated, and will be warmly remembered.

Some of Dan’s lectures at Oxford have been preserved as podcasts, and can be viewed on the University’s podcasts site here.