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The Blavatnik School of Government, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Walton Rd, OX2 6GG

The Blavatnik School of Government is looking to hire up to seven Tutors in Philosophy and Public Policy to teach weekly seminars for its Foundations course within the Master in Public Policy (MPP) in Michaelmas, 2018. Foundations is a compulsory subject for all MPP students. It aims to provide students a foundation in political philosophy for the purposes of public policy. It introduces theories about utility, rights, justice, equality and legitimacy, and focuses on applied questions such as immigration, socialism, post-colonial justice, ethics in public life, free speech and the morality of markets.

Being a Tutor for Foundations is a rare opportunity within Oxford for post-doctoral researchers, college lecturers, and late-stage doctoral students to gain experience teaching graduate rather than undergraduate students and teaching in a seminar rather than tutorial format.

The core responsibility of Tutors will be to deliver three seminars per week, of 75 minutes each, for groups of around seven students.  These run consecutively and conclude with a short meeting with the other seminar leaders, taking a morning. Additional responsibilities include: attending two 90-minute lectures each week to ensure you are familiar with the module content; preparatory reading; marking and giving feedback on four pieces of submitted work per student during Michaelmas term; being available to mark and give feedback on two practice essays per student in late Hilary term; attending a pre-module training, an additional introductory lecture and convening an hour long student drop-in session at least twice during the term. In practice, the work involved will take approximately a day and a half per week, although marking makes the distribution of this time uneven.

Contact time per week: 4 hours.  Estimated preparation and marking time per week: on average 9 hours. Payment will be on the Grade 6 scale (currently starting at £14.80 per hour). All time spent on the course, including lecture attendance, qualifies for payment.

How to Apply

If you are interested please email your CV, a one-page letter highlighting your most relevant experience, two references and the contribution you would make to recruit@bsg.ox.ac.uk by 12 noon UK time on Wednesday 13 June 2018.

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