FHI Workshop on Desire, Valence and Affect in AI

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Monday 22 November: 

1500-1610: Julia Haas & Laura Weidinger (DeepMind), 'Moral agent behaviour: learning from developmental moral psychology'
1620-1710: Daniel Pallies (USC), 'The evidence for artificial affect'
1720-1830: Henry Shevlin (Cambridge), 'Between liberalism and chauvinism: a cognitive equivalence strategy for artificial moral patiency'


Tuesday 23 November:

1500-1610: David Bain (Glasgow), title TBC.
1620-1710: Shira Ahissar (LSE), 'Artificial mental states and conceptual engineering'
1730-1840: Declan Smithies (Ohio State), 'Zombies, vulcans and radiomen'
1850-1930: Roundtable discussion

Registration is necessary to attend, at this link. All welcome, for any part of the event.