Global Priorities Guest Seminar

The Global Priorities Seminar takes place on certain Fridays during term time. These seminars are open to fellow researchers interested in the field. Those who attend are invited to join the speaker and the convenor for lunch immediately following the end of the seminar. Meals for a limited number of attendees will be paid for on a first come, first served basis - to let us know you would like to come to lunch, email

Seminars ordinarily take place on Fridays 12.00-13.00 in Seminar Room C at the Manor Road Building.

Global Priorities Seminar Convenors: Hilary Greaves and Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan | Global Priorities Institute Website

Past Terms

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Week 2 (23rd January) Matthew Rendall (Nottingham) 'Discounting, Climate Change And The Ecological Fallacy'
Week 4 (8th February) Lara Buchak (UC Berkeley) 'Why we should guarantee a not-so-bad world for future generations'
Week 5 (15th February)  Joanna Burch-Brown (Bristol) 'What can effective altruists and decolonial activists learn from each other?'

Week 6 (22nd February)

Laura Scherer (Leiden University) 'First steps towards prioritisation in animal welfare and effective environmentalism' 
Week 7 (1st March) David Manley (University of Michigan) 'Axiology, identity, and lifespan'

Week 8 (8th March)

Anders Huitfeldt  'A new approach to effect heterogeneity for clinical trials' 

Week 1 (11th October)

Christian Tarsney

'Non-identity, times infinity'

Week 2 (18th October) Antony Millner 'Non-dogmatic social discounting'
Tatjana Visak 'Two Types of Long-Termism'
Week 4 (2nd November) Elizabeth Baldwin 'Choosing in the Dark: Incomplete Preferences, and Climate Policy'
Week 5 (9th November) Jonathan Wolff 'Risk and the regulation of new technologies'

Week 6 (16th November)

Lant Pritchett

'Is a Goldilocks approach to global labor mobility a high value investment?'

Week 7 (23rd November) Joe Horton 'Suboptimal charity' (co-authored with Theron Pummer)

Week 8 (30th November)

Anne-Marie Nussberger 'When people err on the safe side: Social decision-making under uncertainty)'

Week 1 (27th April)

Andreas Mogensen (Jesus College)

"Long-Termism for risk averse altruists"

Week 2 (4th May) Lucius Caviola and Stefan Schubert (Lincoln College and CEA) "The Psychology of (in)effective Giving"
Week 3 (11th May) Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan (Nuffield) "Program Evaluation in the Presence of Strategic Interactions"
Week 4 (18th May))  Richard Povey (Hereford College) "The Limits to Altruism"
Week 5 (25th May)  Miriam Schoenfield (MIT) "What Good is Imprecision"

Week 6 (1st June)

Stefan Riedener (UZH)

"Intertheoretic Comparisons and Effective Alturism"

Week 7 (8th June) Nava Ashraf (LSE) "Altruistic Capital"

Week 8 (15th June)

Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego) "A Theory of Good Intentions"