Moral Philosophy Seminar

The Moral Philosophy Seminar (MPS) is a regular seminar which explores all areas and frameworks of moral philosophy, including normative ethics, applied ethics, and meta-ethics. The seminar is open to all; those who attend are invited to join the speaker and convenor for dinner immediately afterwards at a local restaurant (at their own expense). . 

Seminars ordinarily take place on Mondays 4.30-6.30pm in the Lecture Room at the Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Rd. 

Please find a video of Derek Parfit's last lecture, given at the Moral Philosophy Seminar in 2016, here

Moral Philosophy Seminar convenor: Ed Lamb

Past Terms

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Week 2 (15th October) Joe Horton (UCL) 'The Exploitation Problem'
Week 3 (22nd October) Cressida Gaukroger (Oxford) "Privacy and the Importance of "Getting Away With It"
Week 5 (5th November) Adam Shriver (Oxford) 'Is Hedonism a Version of Axiological Monism?'
Week 6 (12th November) Brian McElwee (Southampton) 'Moral Progress and Moral Reproach'
Week 7 (19th November) Jeremy Williams (Birmingham) 'Anti-Abortion Advocacy, Violence, and Toleration'
Week 8 (26th November) Fabienne Peter (Warwick) 'Moral Self-Trust and its Limits'

Week 1 (23rd April)

Theron Pummer (St Andrews

"Optimising Outside Options"

Week 4 (14th May) Patrick Tomlin (Warwick) "Accidentally Killing on Purpose"
Week 7 (4th June) Tom Dougherty (Cambridge) "Degrees of Consent"

Week 1 (15th January) 

No Seminar 


Week 2 (22nd January) Kieran Oberman (Edinburgh) "Killing and Rescuing: The Case for Revising Necessity"
 Week 3 (29th January) Marcel van Ackeren (Münster) "What is Demandingness?"
Week 4 (5th February) Tom Parr (Essex) "Vegetarianism: Moving Beyond the Standard Case"
Week 5 (12th February) Catherine Wilson (York and CUNY) "The Truth in Expressivism"
Week 6 (19th February) Bart Steumer (Groningen) "How to both reject and accept nihilism"
Week 7 (26th February) Lorna Finlayson (Essex)  Seminar not taking place
Week 8 (5th March) Alison Hills (St John's College)  Seminar not taking place

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