Alex Moran

alex moran
Area of Specialisation:

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (2019-2022)

Mind Studentship (2018-2019)

Jacobsen Fellowship (2017-2018)

PhD at the University of Cambridge, Queens' College (2014-2019)

BPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, University College (2012-2014)

BA in Philosophy from University College London (2009-2012)

'Naïve Realism, Hallucination, Causation: A New Response to the Screening Off Problem', Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 27 (2): 368-382 (2019).

'Naïve Realism, Seeing Stars, and Perceiving the Past', Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 97 (2): 368-382 (2019).

'The Paradox of Decrease and Dependent Parts', Ratio, 31 (3): 273-284 (2018).

'Kind-Dependent Grounding', Analytic Philosophy, 59 (3): 359-390 (2018).


My current research focuses primarily on issues concerning the philosophy of perception, as well as the various traditional problems of consciousness. I also write about various topics in contemporary metaphysics. Further areas of interest include aspects of early modern philosophy, early analytic philosophy, and metaethics.