Alexander Roberts

Alexander Roberts

Alexander Roberts is a D.Phil student at the University of Oxford whose main research interests are in metaphysics and philosophical logic. Before starting his D.Phil, he received a B.Phil from Oxford and an undergraduate degree from Leeds. 

Alex's D.Phil thesis is a collection of essays on the metaphysics and logic of modality, of which there are two main themes. The first is that there is much to be learnt about metaphysical necessity by studying its relation to other modalities. The second is that the role and extension of metaphysical necessity is different from that which is commonly assumed. Much of Alex's research explores the philosophical import of these differences with the aid of various modal logics.

More information can be found on Alex's research at his personal website.

Alex is currently College Lecturer at St. Catz, having previously lectured at Worcester.

Prof. Timothy Williamson, Prof. James Studd

'Modal Expansionism', forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic.

'Imprecise Quantification', forthcoming in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.
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