Alexander Roberts

Alexander Roberts
Alex recently finished his DPhil, which was written under the supervision of Timothy Williamson and James Studd. His main research interests are in metaphysics and philosophical logic, but he is also interested in the history of analytic philosophy.


Alex's DPhil thesis, Investigating Necessity, was a collection of essays on the metaphysics and logic of modality. The central theme of the thesis was that various aspects of the theoretical role of metaphysical necessity are incompatible, in the sense that they cannot all be satisfied by a single notion of necessity. Currently, Alex is drawing on this theme to explore different stable theories of metaphysical necessity in a higher-order setting. 

More information can be found on Alex's research at his personal website.

Prof. Timothy Williamson, Prof. James Studd

'Relative Necessity and Propositional Quantification', forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic.

'Imprecise Quantification', in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society119 (3): 357-367.

'Modal Expansionism', in the Journal of Philosophical Logic48 (6): 1145-1170.