Carina Prunkl

Carina Prunkl

Carina Prunkl is a current DPhil student in Philosophy of Physics. Her work focusses on the conceptional foundations of entropy within quantum mechanics and black hole mechanics. She previously studied Physics at the Freie Universität in Berlin where she wrote her Master's thesis in the field of quantum information theory, supervised by Prof. Jens Eisert. Prior to her doctorate, she furthermore completed the MSt in Philosophy of Physics at Oxford with distinction. 

C. Prunkl and C. Timpson, On the thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory, 2017.

C. Prunkl, Quantum Thermodynamics and System Size, forthcoming in Quantum Foundations of Statistical Mechanics, eds. D. Bedingham et al., OUP

V.U. Ludwig, C. Stelzel, C. Prunkl, H. Krutiak, R. Steimke, L.M. Paschke, N. Kathmann and H. Walter, Impulsivity,self-control and hypnotic suggestibility. Consciousness and Cognition, 22(2):647-653, 2013

C. Prunkl, Endlich Unendlich - auf der Suche nach dem ewigen Leben. SHIFT, 4:14-19, 2016

C. Prunkl, Das Schummeln der Lämmer - Von kleinen Lügen und großen Konsequenzen, SHIFT, 1:42-46, 2013