Carolyn Ashurst

carolyn ashurst
Area of Specialisation:

Carolyn received an MMath and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bath. She has worked as a Research Scientist and Data Scientist in various roles within the financial sector and government. She is a Senior Research Scholar at Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, and Research Affiliate at the Centre for the Governance of AI.

Carolyn is a Research Associate at the Centre for the Governance of AI and Senior Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford. Her current research focuses on the responsible use of machine learning (ML), from both societal and technical perspectives. This includes research exploring the role of the ML community in ensuring positive societal outcomes, and causal methods for algorithmic fairness.

AI Ethics and Society, OxAI Course, 2020 (Properties of AI; AI and society: employment, politics and privacy, equality; AI governance; Technical responses: overview, explainability, fairness, safety).