Chong-Ming Lim

Chong-Ming Lim

Prior to Oxford, I completed my MPhil at University College London, and MA and BA(Hons) at National University of Singapore. My main interests centre on ethics, and social and political philosophy.

More details about the papers are available on my website:

Forthcoming. Effectiveness and ecumenicity. Journal of Moral Philosophy

2018. Disabilities are also legitimately medically interesting constraints on legitimate interests. Mind 127(508): 977-1002.  

2018. Public reason, compromise within consensus, and legitimacy. In Manuel Knoll, Stephen Snyder & Nurdane Şimşek (eds.), New Perspectives on Distributive Justice: Deep Disagreements, Pluralism, and the Problem of Consensus. De Gruyter Press.  

2017. Reviewing resistances to reconceptualising disability. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 117(3): 321-331.  

2016. An incomplete inclusion of non-cooperators in a Rawlsian theory of justice. Res Philosophica 93(4): 893-920.  

2016. Clarifying the best interests standard: The elaborative and enumerative strategies in public policy-making. Journal of Medical Ethics 42: 542-549.  

2015. Accommodating autistics and treating autism: Can we have both? Bioethics 29(8): 564-572.