David Collins



2022-2023 SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford



2014-2021 PhD Philosophy, McGill University
2012-2014 MA Philosophy, Ryerson University
2002-2005 MFA Film, York University
1998-2002 BFA Film, York University


2022 "Two or Three Incompatibilities between Art and Technology", in I. Vidmar Jovanovic & V. M. Stupnik (eds.), Social and Technological Aspects of Art, University of Rijeka Press: 43-66.
2021 "Davies and Levinson on the Musical Expression of Emotion: What's the Problem?", Croatian Journal of Philosophy 21: 71-92.
2020 "The Importance of Imagination/Phantasia for the Moral Psychology of Virtue Ethics", in K. Moser & A. Sukla (eds.), Imagination and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory, Brill: 174-205.
2020 "The Other Academic Dishonesty: Why Grade Inflation is Ethically Wrong", Canadian Journal of Practical Philosophy 4: 1-24.
2019 "(When) Is 'Engaged' Art Existentially Authentic? de Beauvoir contra Sartre", in I. Vidmar Jovanovic (ed.), Narrative Art, Knowledge and Ethics, University of Rijeka Press: 123-173.

My primary research currently focuses on the relation between what makes something an artwork, what makes a work good qua artwork, and why art is important or valuable, focusing on the cognitive, moral, and social value(s) of art.  I am especially concerned with connections between R.G. Collingwood's aesthetics and his moral and social/political philosophies and their implications for contemporary questions and debates concerning art's value.  Related research interests include concepts of artistic expression, the place of imagination in cognition and experience, Collingwood's connections with pragmatism, Bergson, and his unpublished process ontology, virtue ethics, and autonomy.