Goodwin Gibbins

gibbinsheadshot2 goodwin gibbins
2015-21 PhD in Atmospheric Physics, Imperial College, London.
2011-15 BA, MSci in Natural Sciences, Physics, University of Cambridge.
2021 Gibbins, G., & Haigh, J. D. Comments on “Global and Regional Entropy Production by Radiation Estimated from Satellite Observations”, Journal of Climate, 34(9), 3721-3728.
2020 Gibbins, G., & Haigh, J. D. Entropy Production Rates of the Climate, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 77(10), 3551-3566.


I study the interaction between the long-term ethical priorities and climate change, focussing on questions like: What are the essential elements of the climate change problem? What can we learn by examining it as a potential existential risk? What might reliable long-term solutions look like? Are we on the path towards them in our research and our policy? Why and why not? .