Jacob Barrett

jacob barrett
2020 - present Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy, Global Priorities Institute
2020 - Present Non-stipendiary Research Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College
2020 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Arizona


Forthcoming 'Subjectivism and Degrees of Well-Being’, Utilitas.
Forthcoming 'Review of David Estlund, Utopophobia: On The Limits (if Any) of Political Philosophy', Mind.
2020 'Optimism about Moral Responsibility', Philosophers’ Imprint.
2020 'Punishment and Disagreement in the State of Nature', Economics and Philosophy.
2020 'Review of Kevin Vallier, Must Politics be War? Restoring our Trust in the Open Society', Journal of Moral Philosophy.
2020 'Efficient Inequalities', Journal of Political Philosophy.
2020 'Laws, Norms, and Public Justification: The Limits of Law as an Instrument of Reform' (with Gerald F. Gaus), in Public Reason and Courts, Cambridge University Press.
2020 'Social Reform in a Complex World', Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.
2020 'Is Maximin Egalitarian?', Synthese.
2019 'Interpersonal Comparisons with Preferences and Desires', Politics, Philosophy & Economics.


My main research area is social and political philosophy, though I also have research interests in normative ethics and in the history of both fields. Much of my work brings social scientific tools and evidence to bear on moral and political questions, and so falls under the umbrella of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (“PPE”).