Kevin Dorst

kevin dorst

I studied Philosophy and Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis, and then did my PhD in philosophy at MIT.  I will be a fellow by examination at Magdalen until January 2021, when I will start an assistant professorship in the philosophy department at the University of Pittsburgh.


“Abominable KK Failures.” (Forthcoming). Mind.

“Evidence: A Guide for the Uncertain.” (Forthcoming). Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

“Lockeans Maximize Expected Accuracy.” (2019). Mind 128 (509): 175–211.

I work on epistemology, logic, language, and their intersections. In epistemology, I’m interested in what we should think, why we should think it, and what we should think about what we should think. In logic, I’m interested in various models of these things—especially combinations of probability theory and epistemic logic. In language, I’m interested in various statements about them—especially the semantics and pragmatics behind ascriptions and denials of knowledge, belief, and probability.