Martin Pickup

Martin Pickup

Metaphysics, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Martin is the Turpin JRF at Oriel College. His training has largely been in Oxford, where he has also held previous post-doctoral positions. He works in a few different areas: metaphysics, early modern and philosophy of religion.

2018-2021 Turpin JRF, Oriel College
2017-2018 Stipendiary Lecturer, Magdalen College
2014-2017 Post-doctoral research fellow, Metaphysics of Entanglement project, Oxford
2014-2017 Non-Stipendiary JRF, New College
2015 Stipendiary Lecturer, Worcester College
2011-2014 Salvesen Junior Fellow, New College

2012 DPhil in Philosophy, Oxford
2009 BPhil in Philosophy, Oxford
2006 MA in Philosophy, KCL
2005 BA in Philosophy and Theology, Oxford

  1. Answer to our Prayers: The Unsolved but Solvable Problem of Petitionary Prayer -- Faith and Philosophy 35 (1) 84-104 (2018)
  2. Deep Indeterminacy in Physics and Fiction (with George Darby and Jon Robson) in Bueno, Darby, French and Rickles (eds.), Thinking about Science, Reflecting on Art (London: Routledge 2017)
  3. Unextended Complexes -- Thought: A Journal of Philosophy,  5 (3): 257-264 (2016)
  4. The Trinity and Extended Simples --  Faith and Philosophy 33 (4): 414-440 (2016)
  5. A Situationalist Solution to the Ship of Theseus Puzzle -- Erkenntnis 81 (5), 973-992 (2016)
  6. Real Presence in the Eucharist and Time Travel -- Religious Studies 51 (3): 379-389 (2015)
  7. Leibniz and the Necessity of the Best Possible World -- Australasian Journal of Philosophy 92 (3):507-523 (2014)
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