Milo Phillips-Brown

milo phillips brown
2019-2021 Postdoc in Ethics and Technology, MIT
2019 PhD in Philosophy, MIT




Phillips-Brown, M., and Grano, T. (Counter) factual want ascriptions and conditional belief. The Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming)

Forthcoming “Authenticity and co-design: on responsibly creating relational forthcoming robots for children,” in Algorithmic Rights and Protections for Children, MIT Press, forthcoming. (with M. Boulicault, J. Kory-Westland, S. Nguyen, C. Breazeal)

'We might be afraid of black-box algorithms’, Journal of Medical Ethics 2021. (with C. Véliz, C. Prunkl, T. Lechterman) 


“What does decision theory have to do with wanting?” Mind, 2021.


Algorithmic bias and discrimination
Human-robot relationships                            
Semantics, particularly the semantics of attitude ascriptions