Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes
Area of Specialisation:

2019 - 2022         

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Oxford
2018-2019 Junior Research Fellow, Durham University
2016-2018 IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University College Dublin
2015-2016 Stipendiary Researcher, University of Oslo
2015 Ph.D in Philosophy, University of St Andrews & University of Oslo
2009 MA in Philosophy, University College London
2007 BA in Philosophy, University College London


‘Disagreement, Dogmatism, and the Bounds of Philosophy’
Forthcoming in International Journal of Philosophical Studies

‘Luminosity Failure, Normative Guidance, and The Principle ‘Ought-Implies-Can’’
Forthcoming in Utilitas 

‘Dilemmic Epistemology’
Forthcoming in Synthese 

‘Knowledgeable Assertion in the Image of Knowledgeable Belief’
Forthcoming in Inquiry 

‘Uniqueness, Rationality, and The Norm of Belief’
Forthcoming in Erkenntnis 

‘Guidance, Obligations, and Ability: A Close Look at The Action Guidance Argument For Ought-Implies-Can' 
Utilitas. Vol. 30 (1) pp. 73-85. (2018) 

‘No Excuses: Against the Knowledge Norm of Belief’
Thought: A Journal of Philosophy. Vol 6. (3) pp. 157-166 (2017) 

‘Do We Matter?’
Aeon Magazine, June 2017 

‘Consistency and Evidence’
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 169 (2), pp. 333-338 (2014) 

‘Is Knowledge the Ability to Φ For the Reason That p?’ 
Episteme, Vol. 11 (4), pp. 457-462 (2014)

Epistemology, Normative Ethics