Ryan Samaroo

ryan samaroo

I am interested in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of physics, and the philosophy of mathematics, particularly in relation to foundational questions arising in relativity theory and quantum mechanics.
Much of my research has focused on the foundations of the theories of Newton and Einstein, with one eye on the accounts of space, time, matter, motion, and causality that they motivate, and the other on their significance for the theory of theories. All of these interests, though motivated by concerns peculiar to the exact sciences, form part of a broader interest in the analysis and revision of our basic scientific concepts and the place of philosophy in this task.
I also have an interest in what the philosophy of science, with its focus on the relation between theory and evidence, might contribute to the development and analysis of public policy. This grew out of previous work at the University of Bristol and it has informed my work with students in Oxford’s program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.
For more information about my research and for a list of publications, see my website.


Associate Member, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford


Lecturer in Philosophy, Somerville College, Oxford


Waynflete Academic, Magdalen School, Oxford


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Bristol


Cross-appointed as Teaching Associate and Examiner, Department of Physics, Bristol


SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Bristol


PhD, University of Western Ontario

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