Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette

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2014 - 2019: DPhil in Philosophy, Oxford

2012 - 2014: MA in Philosophy, Université de Montréal

2009 - 2012: BA in Philosophy, Université de Montréal

Chevarie-Cossette, S.P. (Forthcoming) 'Knowing about Responsibility' American Philosophical Quarterly

Chevarie-Cossette, S.P. (Conditional acceptance) 'Is Free Will Scepticism Self-Defeating?' European Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Chevarie-Cossette, S.P. (Forthcoming) 'Réalisme et dogmatisme' Les Ateliers de l’Éthique

Chevarie-Cossette, S.P. (2019) 'Self-Defeating Beliefs and Misleading Reasons' International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 27(1): 57–72

Chevarie-Cossette, S.P. (2017) 'Prostitution: You Can’t Have your Cake and Sell it' Journal of Practical Ethics, 5(2): 77–84


I work at the crossing of philosophy of action, theoretical ethics, and epistemology on subjects such as free will, deliberation, and reasons for conduct.

My dissertation discusses whether doubting free will and moral responsibility is thinkable. More precisely, I am interested in whether it is self-defeating to doubt free will and responsibility; whether it is possible to doubt free will and yet engage in the moral life; and whether it is possible to deliberate rationally if we believe that we do not have real alternatives.