Philosophy of Mind Visiting Speakers Seminar

The Philosophy of Mind Visiting Speakers Seminar will take place in weeks 1,3,7,8 & 9 of Trinity Term 2021 on Fridays, 13.30 - 15.00. The seminar will take place online. The seminar alternates with the Philosophy of Mind Work-in-Progress Group (see separate term card).

People wishing to attend Mind Visiting Speakers will need to email Mike Martin, and will be sent a link for the meeting by the Thursday morning: the sessions will be secure, and each person who joins will need to be admitted to the session. So contacting Mike Martin ahead of time will be essential.

Philosophy of Mind Visiting Speakers Seminar Convenors: Dominic Alford-Duguid and Mike Martin.

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Week 1 (30 April)

Guy Longworth (Warwick)

John Cook Wilson on the Indefinability of Knowledge

Week 3 (14 May)

Rachel Goodman (Illinois)

Singularism vs. Descriptivism?

Week 7 (11 June)

Antonia Peacocke (Stanford)

Practical Concepts and Practical Knowledge

Week 8 (18 June)

Hanna Pickard (Johns Hopkins)


Week 9 (25 June)

Ian Phillips (Johns Hopkins)

Are We All Animals? Animalism, Conjoined Twins and the Diversity of Human Life


Week 3 (5th Feb)

Justin D’Ambrosio (ANU) 

'Perceptual Consciousness and Intensional Transitive Verbs'
Week 5 (19th Feb)

Roberta Locatelli (Tübingen) 

'Naïve Realism and the Relationality of Phenomenal Character'
Week 8 (12th Mar) Matt Soteriou (KCL)

'Perspectives in Memory, Imagination and Dream'


Week 3 (30th Oct)

Naomi Eilan (Warwick)

'Other I's, Communication, and the Second Person'
Week 5 (13th Nov)

Frédérique de Vignemont

(Institut Jean-Nicod)

'Can we see the future?'
Week 7 (27th Nov)

David Suarez (Toronto)

'Disjunctivism and Self-Awareness in Martin and Merleau-Ponty'


Week 1 (30th April) Christopher Peacocke (Columbia) ''Two Kinds of Explanation''
Week 6 (4th June) Ali Boyle (Cambridge) ''Classification in Comparative Cognitive Science''
Week 4 (8th November)                  Henry Taylor (Birmingham)                  ''Naïve realism without disjunctivism: kinds, polymorphism and the argument from hallucination''
Week 6 (22nd November) Alexander Geddes (Southampton) ''Personal Identity and the Preservation of Mind''