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Seminars in Moral Philosophy Week 6 TT11

Event Name Seminars in Moral Philosophy Week 6 TT11
Start Date 6th Jun 2011 4:30pm
End Date 6th Jun 2011 6:30pm
Duration 2 hours

Kieran Setiya (Pittsburg) 'Knowing Right From Wrong' to be held in the Lecture Room, 10 Merton Street, Oxford - Seminars in Moral Philosophy webpage


I argue that the central problem in moral epistemology is not about evolution, or coincidence, or genetic undermining, but about the possibility of knowledge as non-accidentally true belief. When S knows that p, she knows by a reliable method and her reliability is no accident: there is an explanation of the conjunctive fact that S uses method M and that M is reliable. The challenge in ethics is to meet this condition, if the facts are independent of us. I end by exploring some constraints on how this challenge could be met.

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