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A brief guide to the essential IT information you will need as a member of the University.

Contacting IT

If you have any queries or issues with any department IT equipment, please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket.

The Philosophy IT office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Computer usage rules and etiquette

The University has various rules and conditions that apply to your usage of the local IT facilities.

Nexus Email

Information about Nexus, Oxford University's email service. Includes how to use it, other features (Nexus calendar, Sharepoint) and dealing with spam.

Connecting to the internet

Wired ethernet connections and wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are widely available throughout the University and colleges, including some outside areas like the University Parks.

There are three wireless networks broadcast in the Radcliffe Humanities building. They are EduroamOWL and Bodleian Libraries.

Anti-Virus Information

Install up-to-date anti-virus software free of charge for all members of the University.

Information Security

Find out how to secure your accounts, devices, and data here.

Graduate Study Room (GSR) Facilities

The Graduate Study Room on the ground floor of the Radcliffe Humanities building has computers for use by philosophy graduate students. To request login details, please fill in the PC Account Creation form. Please also read the further information about the use of this room.

Visitor IT Information

If you have your own laptop with Wi-Fi capability, you may use the OWL network to obtain access to the internet.

If you do not have your own laptop or PC, you may use the shared, open-access PCs in Littlegate House or in the Graduate Study Room (GSR) on the ground floor of the Radcliffe Humanities building. (Please note that philosophy graduate students have priority access to PCs in the GSR.)

You will need a domain computer account, which can be obtained by completing the PC Account Creation form. When this has been set up you will be emailed with a username and an initial password separately.

Useful Links

Nexus webmail - online access to University email

Self-Registration Home Page - mailbox settings, download site-licensed software (e.g. Sophos), use TSM backup

Connecting to the internet - wired and wireless network connections

Weblearn - VLE to support the University's teaching and learning.activities

Sharepoint - a collaborative working environment for the University

Remote Access Account - provides access to Eduroam and VPN services

Manage your account - activate and administer the password settings for your Oxford username

OxFile - file sharing service for University members

Virtual Private Network (VPN) service - access to restricted resources

IT Services - centrally provided IT Services for the University

Connecting to Eduroam via iPhone - how to configure your iPhone to use wireless

Connecting to Nexus email via iPhone - how to configure your iPhone to read email

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