Faculty Board Officers

Officers of the Philosophy Faculty Board, 2020-2021




Chair of the Faculty Board

Christopher Timpson

MT 2021

Vice-Chair of the Board

Ursula Coope

MT 2021

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Thomas Sinclair

MT 2023

Director of Graduate Studies

Luca Castagnoli

MT 2023

Director of Research

Ofra Magidor

MT 2022

Equality and Diversity Officer

Paul Lodge

MT 2021

Graduate Women’s Officer

Catharine Abell

MT 2022

Welfare Officer

Hilla Wait and Felicity Peachell

MT 2020

BPhil Primary Course Coordinator 2020-2021

Andreas Mogensen

MT 2021

BPhil Associate Course Coordinator 2020-2021

Volker Halbach

MT 2022

MSt Ancient Course Coordinator 2020-2021

Dominic Scott

MT 2021

MSt Philosophy of Physics Course Coordinator 2020-2021

Adam Caulton

MT 2021

Placement Officers

Karen Margrethe Nielsen and Alexander Kaiserman

TT 2021

Graduate Teaching Coordinator 2020-2021

Peter Kail

MT 2021

Schools Liaison Officer

Dave Leal

MT 2021

IT Coordinator

Peter Millican

MT 2021

Chair of the Committee for Library Provision in Philosophy

Bill Mander

MT 2021

Harassment Advisors 2020-2021

Hilla Wait

MT 2021

Bernard Salow

MT 2021