Jeremy David Fix

jeremy fix
Area of Specialisation:
2016 PhD, Harvard University 2016
2008 MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2006 AB, Colgate University


Forthcoming  ‘The Instrumental Rule’, Journal of the American Philosophical Association
Forthcoming ‘Two Sorts of Constitutivism’, Analytic Philosophy
2020 ‘The Error Condition’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 50 (1), 34-48
2018 ‘Intellectual Isolation’, Mind 127 (506), 491-520


​I work in practical philosophy, focusing on metaphysical questions about agency and ethics, especially as they relate to each other. My current focus is to explain and defend the view, of Aristotelian and Kantian vintage, that practical reason is the self-conscious will, not an intellectual capacity whose exercises influence those of our will.

At the undergraduate level, I give the Moral Philosophy lecturers for first year students, and I regularly offer tutorials in moral philosophy and general philosophy for prelims and 103 Ethics, 112 Kant, and 128 Practical Ethics for finalists. At the graduate level, I co-convene the Moral Philosophy Seminar with Dr. Edward Lamb, offer the occasional graduate seminar in ethics or action theory, and regularly supervise BPhil students for papers on Ethical Theory, Metaethics, Action Theory, and Kant's theoretical and practical philosophy.