Carissa Véliz

carissa veliz cropped
Research Fellow, Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, University of Oxford
DPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford


Privacy Is Power (Bantam Press 2020, an Economist book of the year) 
The Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics (forthcoming) 


Selected papers

  • Buckland, L., Lindauer, M., Rodriguez-Arias, D., Velic, C.. 'Testing the Motivational Strength of Positive and Negative Duty Arguments Regarding Global Poverty', 2022, Review of Philosophy and Psychology 13, 699-717
  • Véliz, C., ‘On Self-Presentation, Privacy, and Evil Online,’ 2022, Journal of Practical Ethics, 9 (2), 30-43
  • Véliz, C., Carina Prunkl, Milo Phillips-Brown, and Ted Lechterman, ‘We Might Be Afraid of Black-Box Algorithms’, 2021, Journal of Medical Ethics 47(5), 339-340. 
  • Véliz, C., 'Not the Doctor's Business: Privacy, Personal Responsibility, and Data Collection Minimisation in Medical Settings', 2020, Bioethics 34 (7), 712-718


AI Ethics, Privacy, Practical Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy.