Visitor IT Information

If you are a visitor to the Faculty of Philosophy and require internet access or email help.

Internet Access

If you are a visitor to the Faculty of Philosophy and require internet access, you will need to obtain an IT account from the IT Department.  The type of account will depend on whether you are a short-term visitor (up to a month or without a University Card), or a longer-term visitor with a University Card and Single-Sign-On (SSO) account. It will also depend on whether you have your own computer equipment or not, and whether you require Wi-Fi access.

Use of Open Access PCs

If you do not have your own laptop or PC, you may use the shared, open-access PCs in Littlegate House or in the Graduate Study Room (GSR) on the ground floor in Radcliffe Humanities. (Please note that philosophy graduate students have priority access to PCs in the GSR.)

You will need a Domain computer account, which can be obtained by requesting a Visitor Account Creation form. When this has been set up you will be emailed with a username and an initial password separately. You will be asked to change your initial password at your first logon to the PHILOS domain.

University Wi-Fi Network (OWL)

If you have your own laptop with Wi-Fi capability, you may use the OWL network to obtain access to the internet.

Further information about the OWL network can be found on the IT Services Wireless Networking page.

Eduroam: If you have an Eduroam account, you should be able to connect to the internet using your Eduroam credentials. You should still have your laptop checked by the IT department before attempting to logon.

Visitor with no University Card: You may use the OWL Visitor network. The Faculty IT Department can set you up with a visitor account which is valid for 14 days. This can be extended for further periods if necessary.

Please request a Visitor Account Creation  to obtain an account.

Visitor with a University Card and SSO account: You will need to obtain a Remote Access password from IT Services, and download the VPN software onto your laptop. Full instructions for obtaining the password and installing the software are available on the IT Services - OWL VPN page.

Remote Access

You can configure your laptop or mobile device for remote access via VPN to the University network, but you must have an IT Services Remote Access account and password, to obtain which you will first need a University Card and SSO account, as above. When you have your Remote Access account and password, you will find instructions for configuring your device on the IT Services VPN Service help pages.

For any further IT help or information, please contact the Faculty of Philosophy IT Department in the first instance.