OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service. If you've used DropBox or iCloud then OneDrive is very similar. 

As a member of the University you get 5TB of OneDrive storage space. 

How to access OneDrive

There are various ways to access OneDrive files:

  • OneDrive website
  • Nexus365 webmail portal
  • File Explorer in Windows
  • Finder on a Mac


OneDrive website

Go to OneDrive website and enter your University email address and then enter your SSO and password. 


Nexus365 webmail

Click the white square on the blue background in the top left corner and select OneDrive.

how access onedrive through nexus365














File Explorer 

Ask your IT department to help you add OneDrive to File Explorer. 

file explorer  onedrive













Finder on a Mac

Ask your IT department to help you add OneDrive to Finder

mac finder
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