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Seminars in Moral Philosophy Week 6 MT12

Event Name Seminars in Moral Philosophy Week 6 MT12
Start Date 12th Nov 2012 4:30pm
End Date 12th Nov 2012 6:30pm
Duration 2 hours

Speaker: John Skorupski (St Andrews)

Title: The Ontology of the Normative

Venue: Lecture Room, Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG

Abstract: There has been something of a convergence in meta-normative theory on views which are cognitivist but in one sense or another not 'realist' (or not metaphysical, or minimalist). How should one understand such views? Do they posit irreducible normative properties and relations, or not? If they do, what do they say (or should they say) about their ontology?

Webpage: Seminars in Moral Philosophy

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