Digest Week 1 Michaelmas Term 2022

MT22, Week 1 (9th-15th October)

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Notices - other Philosophy events, including those taking place elsewhere in the university and beyond

An introduction to Effective Altruism and why we should protect humanity’s future | 6:00pm | Maths Institute, L1 Lecture Theatre

Speaker: Will MacAskill

How can we best use our time or money to help the world?
This is the fundamental question of Effective Altruism. We all only have a limited amount of time and resources to help others, and so what we choose to do is incredibly important. This is not an easy question to answer, but as an associate professor of philosophy here at Oxford, Will MacAskill makes this one of his key research focuses.

In this talk from Will, he’ll start by explaining why it’s easier than you think to help a large number of people and give you some tools for finding careers that help many, many times more people than you otherwise might. Additionally, in his most recent book, he also argues that humanity should be far more focussed on helping future generations of people. So in the second half of the talk, we’ll hear
from Will about why he now focuses on the long-term future of humanity and what this means for how we make the world better. 

There will be a Q&A and free pizza after his talk!  The Facebook page for the event can be found here


Hegel Reading Group

The Hegel Reading Group meets in term weekly on Tuesdays 6-7.30 pm by Skype. We continue with Hegel's 'Phenomenology of Spirit'; we are now at 'Spirit that is certain of itself. Morality', starting from paragraph 596 of the Miller translation (OUP 1977) although any translation may be used. Each week's reading is posted on hegelinoxford.wordpress.com

To join the Skype group or for enquiries contact susanne.herrmann-sinai@ philosophy.ox.ac.uk or louise.braddock@philosophy.ox.ac.uk