Digest Week 3 Trinity Term 2018

Events for TT18 Week 3 (7 May - 13 May)

(If you have anything to go in this weekly Digest, please send the information to admin@philosophy.ox.ac.uk by midday on the Wednesday before the event.)

If no location is given, the event will take place in Radcliffe Humanities on Woodstock Rd, OX2 6GG

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Notices - Events taking place elsewhere in the university and beyond

Inaugural Lecture Cambridge University | 5.00pm-, Faculty of Divinity: Runcie Room (Sidgwick - Cambridge)
Douglas Headley (Cambridge): "Devout Contemplation and Sublime Fancy': The Cambridge Platonists and their Legacy for the Philosophy of Religion'

The Joseph Butler Society | 8.15pm-, Oriel College: Smaller SCR
John Schellenberg (Mount St. Vincent University): 'Truth-Triggered Religious Commitments'
(1/3) Kyoto Prize Public Lectures | 9.30am-, Blavatnik School of Government 
Graham Farquhar (ANU): 'Adventures Across Disciplines: studying biophysics, and observing the shaping of policies'
All are welcome; please register here

(2/3) Kyoto Prize Public Lectures | 11.45am-, Blavatnik School of Government 
Takashi Mimura (NICT Japan): 'My fifty years with the transistor'
All are welcome; please register here

(3/3) Kyoto Prize Public Lectures | 3.00pm-, Blavatnik School of Government 
Richard Taruskin (Berkeley): 'How to win a Stalin prize: Shostakovich's piano quintet' - support by the Villiers Quarter and Jeremy Young (pianist). 
All are welcome; please register here

Seminar Series on Reproducibility and Open Research | 4.30-6.00pm, All Souls College: Wharton Room
Janet Pierrehumbert (Trinity College): ‘Statistical Natural Language Processing in the Open Science Era’
All are welcome; refreshments will be provided.

(3/4) 2018 Hensley Henson Lectures | 5.00-6.00pm, Examination Schools
Diarmaid MacCulloch (St Cross College): Lecture Series – ‘Thomas Cromwell: Enterprising Reformation’
‘Cromwell and the Monasteries (Part 2)’


Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies | 5.00pm-, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (Marston Rd)
Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen (Copenhagen): ‘Al-Azhar and the Ulama’
Enlightenment Workshop 2018 | 5.00pm, Voltaire Foundation (Banbury Rd)
Caroline Warman (Jesus College): ‘Patterns of materialist thought: fragments and formulations from Diderot to Destutt de Tracy’

Science and Populism: From Evidence to Narrative | 5.00-6.00pm, Oxford Martin School: Lecture Theatre
Andrea Siodmok (Cabinet Office): 'Government needs to get better at policy-making; more open and connected with people'

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Jurisprudence Discussion Group | 5.00pm-, Balliol College: Massey Room
Timothy Endicott (Balliol College): 'Meaning'

Weidenfeld Visiting Professor in Comparative European Literature | 5.30pm-, St Anne's College: TBC
Elif Shafak: Lecture Series - 'Storytelling in a Divided World
'Voicelessness and Taboos'