New photographs celebrate 100 years of women in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford

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new series of photographic portraits of women academics who teach Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of Oxford has been officially launched at Manor Road Building, with a reception held for friends and families of those involved, including the exhibition photographer, Keiko Ikeuchi, on Friday 10 March.

The display was initiated to mark the shared centenary of the University of Oxford admitting women to its degrees and the launch of the PPE Honours School, both of which began in 1920.

Over the past century, women involved in the PPE degree at Oxford have been responsible for some of the most important contributions to its component disciplines. Celebrating that century of women in PPE, this exhibition presents portraits of some of those who carry the PPE torch today.

Twelve academics from across the Faculty of PhilosophyDepartment of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) and Department of Economics feature, representing a group of world-leading academics whose research and teaching illuminate PPE and provide inspiration to its students.

From the Faculty of Philosophy Anita Avramides, Ursula Coope, Cecile Fabre, and Hilary Greaves are pictured.

Alongside each photograph are the academics’ reflections on the significance of PPE in 2022.

Anita Avramides observes: “While many students choose to study PPE because of economics or politics, it is often philosophy that takes them by surprise. While they may expect to be able to study moral or political philosophy, they find that they can also choose to study epistemology, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and so much more.”

Philosophy offers students of PPE an intellectual toolkit designed to broaden their intellectual horizons and to help them negotiate their way in a rapidly changing world.”