Email Addresses

Philosophy email addresses at Oxford use the form

Students may also be given a email address. Both of these aliases deliver email to a single email account called a Nexus account. Nexus is the central system for email at Oxford.

Activation Code

When first arriving in Oxford, you will be given details in a letter on how to activate your account. This letter will contain (amongst other things) the following information:

Your Oxford username: abcd0123
Activation code: XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ

You will also be given the email addresses assigned to your Nexus email account, e.g. and

Once you have those details, you can activate the account here.

There are two ways to check your email account: Nexus or an email client.


You can access your Nexus email account through a web based interface. Login with your single sign on (SSO) username (e.g. sfop1234) and the password that you set up when you activate your email account. You can log in here. You can access this from anywhere from any internet browser.

Email Clients

You can access your email using an email client like Outlook. This means that your email client can work with messages on the server without downloading them - so you can read and send email from your email client but still view your inbox somewhere else using the web interface. For instructions from IT Services on how to set up a variety of email clients, click here.  

Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your single sign-on password, you can reset it here.