100+ Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics


ORBIT is organising a conference on 100+ Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics. Please see below for information from the conference organisers. See the ORBIT website for full details.

On September 16th, 2019, ORBIT is proud to be bringing together some of the most eminent women working in AI ethics. Coming from all over the world, these women are working to ensure that tech works for the benefit of everyone in society. They represent some of the most insightful and brilliant minds leading the way in this difficult area, from fields including industry, professional services, academia, policy and civil society.

The conference is inspired by the work of Mia Dand, of San Francisco research consultancy Lighthouse3, who in autumn 2018 put together a list of 100 of the women doing this work. We are calling our conference 100+ because we wish the group to continue to expand and also recognise that there are more women doing wonderful work in AI and ethics than those on the original list.

We are seeking to create an exciting and collaborative event that looks to the future of artificial intelligence working in an ethical way with and for society. The aim of bringing this group of people together is to enable new connections, new insights and new opportunities. We hope that the multi- disciplinary nature of the conference will spark new connections and collaborations between the people doing such vital work in this space.