8th Oxford Workshop on Global Priorities Research


8th Oxford Workshop on Global Priorities Research

6-8 December 2021, online


Global priorities research investigates the question, ‘What should we do with our limited resources, if our goal is to do the most good?’ This question has close connections with central issues in philosophy and economics, among other fields.

This event will focus on the following two areas of global priorities research:

  1. The longtermism paradigm. Longtermism claims that, because of the potential vastness of the future of sentient life, agents aiming to do the most good should focus on improving the very long-run future, rather than on more immediate considerations. We are interested in articulating, considering arguments for and against, and exploring the implications of this longtermist thesis.
  2. General issues in cause prioritisation. We will also host talks on various cause prioritisation issues not specific to longtermism - for instance, issues in  decision theory, epistemology, game theory and optimal timing/optimal stopping theory.

These two categories of topics are elaborated in more detail in Sections 1 and 2 (respectively) of GPI’s research agenda.


The workshop is expected to include both morning and afternoon sessions each day (UK time, GMT) so that participants from a wide range of time zones can engage in real time. Further details about the agenda will be announced in November. Detailed schedules and more details of previous workshops can be found on the links below.

Attending the workshop

You can apply to attend the workshop by completing this form no later than 11:55pm GMT on 14 November 2021. If you have any questions about the application process please contact gpi-office@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.