Aristotle, Posterior Analytics II.1-7 Conference

Worcester College

Saturday May 6th

9.00-9.30am: Coffee

9.30-11.00am: Christian Pfeiffer (LMU Munich), Posterior Analytics II.1-2. Chair: M. Peramatzis.

11.00-11.30am: Coffee break

11.30-1.00pm: Walter Cavini (Bologna), Posterior Analytics II.3. Chair: Cecilia Trifogli.

1.00-2.00pm: Lunch (provided)

2.00-3.30pm: Simona Aimar (UCL), Posterior Analytics II.4. Chair: Thomas Ainsworth.

3.30-4.00: Coffee break

4.00-5.30pm: Jason Carter (Oxford), Posterior Analytics II.5. Chair: Philipp Kurbel.


Sunday May 7th

10.30-11.00am: Coffee

11.00-12.30pm: Paolo Fait, Posterior Analytics II.6. Chair: Guus Eelink.

12.30-1.30pm: Lunch (provided)

1.30-3.00pm: Janine Guhler (Oxford), Posterior Analytics II.7. Chair: Udit Bery.


The conference is organised with the generous support of the Hinton Clarendon Fellowship research fund, Worcester College.

For further information contact the organiser Michail Peramatzis