Armchair Knowledge: Some Kantian Reflections

adrian moore

Photo by Mim Saxl 


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Speaker: Professor Adrian W. Moore is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where he is also a Tutorial Fellow of St Hugh’s College.  He is Joint Editor, with Lucy O’Brien, of MIND.

Chair: Dr Roxana Baiasu (Tutorial Fellow, Stanford University Centre in Oxford; Associate Member of the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford)


In this paper Professor Moore reflects on what he calls ‘armchair knowledge’, that is to say knowledge that is acquired without appeal to experience. There is a puzzle: not only does there appear to be such knowledge, but some of it appears to concern what is beyond the subject. He considers Kant’s approach to this puzzle. He eventually concludes that, whatever the advantages of this approach, we cannot endorse it.  In particular, we cannot agree with Kant that there is such a thing as, in his own terms, synthetic a priori knowledge.


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Convenors: Dr Roxana Baiasu and Professor Stephen Mulhall.