Artificial Intelligence in the World of Languages


Creative Multilingualism, run from the Faculty of Modern Languages in Oxford, in collaboration with the Joint National Committee for Languages, invites you to the University of Pittsburgh on 5 September for an international workshop, Artificial Intelligence in the World of Languages.


Digital advances are revolutionizing our linguistic landscape, our possibilities for communication, the interaction between languages, and our very identities.  Language apps and other forms of language automation are increasingly impacting on language teaching, language learning, and learner motivation.  Conversely, leaders in artificial intelligence are increasingly relying upon linguists and modern linguists to solve new and complex communication problems in digital contexts. 


Bringing together researchers, educators, learners, and leaders in tech and AI, this one-day workshop will explore the increasing involvement of AI in the world of languages.  


The Workshop will include discussion of the following topics:

  • How can artificial intelligence (AI) support language learning and teaching in schools, community/supplementary schools and independent contexts?
  • How can AI support motivation in language learning?
  • How does AI open up the world of careers for language learners?


The Workshop will also serve as an opportunity to share and engage with the diverse expertise and experiences of the research, education, and tech sectors.


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