DPhil Seminar (Tuesday - Week 3, MT22)

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Suicide remains a subject of intense discussion involving people from all walks of life. Many disciplines including psychology, law, sociology, politics, and medicine have offered valuable insights. But perhaps philosophers can offer a more meaningful perspective. In this presentation I will be discussing the current debate occurring in a number of jurisdictions around the world, concerning physician-assisted dying (PAD). I will provide a philosophical perspective and examine briefly what it means to commit suicide. I will propose that suicide can be better understood when viewed through the lens of philosophy and argue that moral issues need to be given much greater importance than they are at present. I will use these points to argue for PAD to be allowed, and even extended to those with mental illnesses such as depression.    

The talk will be in person.

See the DPhil Seminar website for details.

DPhil Seminar Convenor: Mariona Miyata - Sturm