Atkinson Memorial Lecture (Tuesday - Week 7, TT19)


The Atkinson Memorial Lecture is an annual distinguished lecture series established in 2018 in memory of Professor Sir Tony Atkinson, jointly by the Global Priorities Institute (GPI) and the Department of Economics. The aim is to encourage research among academic economists on topics related to global prioritisation - using evidence and reason to figure out the most effective ways to improve the world. 



The usual economic evaluation of future costs and benefits gives very little importance to what happens in one century and after. This does not square well with our collective concern for the long-term future of humanity at a time of mounting environmental, social and political crises. Is the economic approach fundamentally flawed? Do 'dismal theorems' justify throwing away standard cost-benefit analysis? This lecture will revisit the underpinning normative concepts of evaluation of growth paths and long-term uncertainty.


30 minutes of questions will follow the talk (questions from 16.30). There are a limited number of spaces available to meet with the speaker and to attend a dinner on the evening of Tuesday 11th June. If you are interested in meeting Marc Fleurbaey or attending the dinner, please email

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