Global Priorities Seminar (Friday - Week 6, HT19)


Through my research on animal welfare, I seek to provide a systematic approach to a cross-species comparison of animal welfare – a crucial step towards the prioritisation of alternative production and consumption. To do this, my research presents a framework that allows for such comparisons. Moreover, I apply it to different animal products and national diets. In my latest research work, I discuss the large untapped potential of effective environmentalism (EE) for effective altruism (EA) causes. More specifically, EE could prove instrumental to effectively tackle human welfare (incl. poverty and health) and existential risks (e.g., due to ecosystem collapse). While clear synergies emerge between EE and EA in those two areas, perceived trade-offs with other areas, namely wild animal suffering, might be misconceptions. A first step towards EE is the ranking among different environmental issues, and I show my plan how to tackle this challenge.

Global Priorities Seminar Convenors: Hilary Greaves and Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan