Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religious Life

Phenomenology of Religious Life

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Heidegger’s seminal lectures on the Phenomenology of Religious Life. This conference revisits and reexamines the significance and influence of Heidegger’s contribution to the understanding of “concrete religious phenomena”.

Attendance is free and open to the public. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by sending a note to mark.wrathall@philosophy.ox.ac.uk so that we can have an approximate count on the number of attendees.

This event enjoys the generous financial support of the Wheatley Institution and the Brigham Young University London Centre.

Friday 13 March

3:00-4:10 pm: ‘Heidegger in Purgatory' Iain Thomson (University of New Mexico)

4:25-5:35 pm: ‘"Obstinate Waiting”: Early Heidegger on Christian Self-Becoming’ Daniel Watts (University of Essex)

5:50-7:00 pm: ‘For a Phenomenology of Religious Life’ Emmanuel Falque (Institut Catholique de Paris)

Saturday 14 March

10:00-11:10 am: ‘Anticipations of authenticity: the St Augustine lectures on servilefear, dispersion into the many, and a love of praise over praising’ Denis McManus (University of Southampton)

11:25-12:35 pm: ‘Why there is no such thing as “religious life”’ Sonia Sikka (University of Toronto)

2:00-3:10 pm: ‘Phenomenological Method and Religious Life’ Mark Wrathall (University of Oxford)